IamOnDemand: Why Multi-Cloud? Evolution, Freedom

InsightaaS: At discussions on cloud (like the great one at last week’s InsightaaS/TechConnex cloud bootcamp!), we often hear debate about whether one primary type and supplier of cloud will dominate – sometimes phrased along the lines of “will AWS continue to own the market?” – or about whether the market will evolve to include many different approaches to and suppliers of cloud.

InsightaaS thinks it likely that the latter market will prevail, at least for the foreseeable future. This post, from I am OnDemand, an Israel-based cloud blog published by Ofir Nachmani, takes this position as well, offering an interesting perspective on why IT evolution and the need to maintain data interoperability will overcome the challenges inherent in managing across a complex, multi-cloud environment. Part of Nachmani’s discussion focuses on the ability of cloud to enable ‘fail-fast’ (and as a result, ‘fail-cheap’) business tactics that help apply cloud economics to business issues – a subject that was the subject of extensive debate during the business planning session at last Friday’s bootcamp.

The ever-growing web as well as the `consumerization of IT` provide end users with an abundance of options and full discretion. We now understand the vital need to internalize the concept of spreading knowledge and information across a variety of applications and platforms as a means to thrive. Fortunately, we now have the opportunity to utilize multiple clouds.


There are various incentives when considering multi-cloud deployment, including regulations, high-availability, and global presence, to name a few. However, when looking at the main factors, two key words come to mind: Evolution and Freedom.


IT has made incredible advancements over the past decade, and from the looks of it, there are no signs of slowing down. The infinite public IaaS resources have translated into an endless supply of new applications. While the environment is made up of many intricacies, countless accommodating innovations are progressively being adopted on a regular basis. That is the beauty of our dynamic IT environment, there is always something new on the table.

The consumerist habit of buying an application for a dollar, then tossing it out after a day without blinking an eye, has made its way to the business world. Now, enterprises and end users, alike, are expecting to enjoy the bottom-up adoption of cloud computing to materialize on their work desks…

Read the entire post: http://iamondemand.com/blog/why-multi-cloud-evolution-and-freedom/


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