I am OnDemand: OpenStack, A Community Torn Apart- Freedland, Bias and Scoble

InsightaaS: A recent post attracted comments from two sources – Cloud Ave, which we have highlighted in Across the Net before, and I am OnDemand, an Israel-based cloud blog published by Ofir Nachmani. I went back and read Nachmani’s post, and thought that it would be of interest to readers of InsightaaS, too. In the post, Nachmani looks at the tension within the OpenStack community, pointing to posts by Alex Freedland of OpenStack distributor/integrator Mirantis, Randy Bias, CEO of OpenStack deployment specialists Cloudscaling, and blogger/industry personality Robert Scoble, who is currently employed by Rackspace. Nachmani’s post helps illustrate the ways in which internecine struggles within OpenStack work against its ability to expand its presence within the larger cloud and IT communities.

Last month, I attended the OpenStack summit in Tel Aviv.  This was yet another great event brought to us by the brilliant Gigaspaces team (especially @shar1z) headed by one of the most important cloud evangelists in Israel and the world, @natishalom.

OpenStack aims to provide the ubiquitous open source cloud computing platform for public and private clouds. Wikipedia

The open source movement’s inexhaustible opportunities have become somewhat devastating for the cloud market. This is demonstrated by the internal war going on between the leading companies that are a part of the OpenStack Foundation. Established over a year ago with more than 200 registered companies, this community was meant to be a significant first step in the world of cloud computing.

The OpenStack meetup was full of many great presenters one of whom was Alex Freedland, the Founder of Mirantis. Backed by Intel and Dell, Mirantis is an exceptional enabler of the OpenStack private cloud. Appropriately, Freedland’s presentation covered the current market, including key players and their given strengths, and kicked off his presentation with the question on everyone’s mind:

“What are we fighting for?” 

I was amazed to see that the founder of one of the leading OpenSource communities, opened his presentation posing that question, confirming that the OpenStack war is real…

Read the entire post: http://iamondemand.com/blog/openstack-story-of-a-thorne-open-source-community/


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