Gigya: Why Your Gamification Efforts Are Failing

InsightaaS: Gamification is one of the new technologies that is starting to come into common usage; in fact, InsightaaS believes that 2014 will be the year that gamification starts to be a common feature in new applications.

As with other new technologies, though, there can be missteps in deployment. In this post published on the website of software developer Gigya, author Emma Tzeng offers advice to organizations looking to capitalize on gamification. Those looking for deeper info can check out the linked whitepaper, which offers a clear description of why gamification is important and how it works.

Businesses looking to nurture authentic relationships with consumers understand that loyalty isn’t developed overnight: it’s deliberately and strategically cultivated each time users interact with your brand. Today’s ultra-connected consumers expect brands to deliver customized, personal experiences that speak into their interests, friend graphs, backgrounds, and even their locations.

So how do businesses looking to push ahead of the competition create these unique, sticky digital experiences? Gamification, or the process of applying game elements to non-game applications, facilitates interactive on-site experiences so businesses can tap into users’ competitive natures and grow a loyal customer base.

As effective as gamification is for driving conversions, it can be difficult and tricky to formulate a gamification strategy optimized for your business’s specific goals. Thus, we’ve outlined a few universal tips for implementing an impactful, results-oriented gamification strategy...

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