GigaOm: Survey – new business will drive second wave of cloud adoption

InsightaaS: GigaOm has been a unique presence in the IT industry – a digital-savvy media presence that has added research capabilities and analysts, including David Card, who was arguably IDC’s best analyst before departing for Jupiter Research (and later Forrester). This post sheds some light on why Card and GigaOm are so well-regarded in the industry. It uses a survey – conducted in partnership with North Bridge Venture Partners – to examine cloud adoption drivers and business objectives. This year’s survey found that cloud users (and leading-edge users in particular) are focused on using cloud to build new revenue streams, rather than simply updating existing (non-revenue) IT functions. Other figures included in this post show that a wide range of workloads are migrating to cloud platforms, and that cloud is increasingly being used to support sales and marketing functions. The upshot, according to Card, will be realization of a cherished IT aspiration: “No more will IT be the sluggish cost center, but rather a key contributor to new company revenue.”

SUMMARY: Gigaom Research surveys predict a near-term second wave of cloud technology adoption, driven by companies re-inventing their business. Smart IT execs who help drive this momentum will look like heroes, and make IT a key contributor to new company revenue.

Recent Gigaom Research surveys suggest that another big round of cloud-technology adoption is coming soon. And this time it will be driven less by startups and low-entry costs and more by companies re-inventing their own businesses. At the same time, there’s still plenty of growth left as both business and IT workloads migrate to the cloud, according to our analysis of tech-buyer surveys.

Overall, software as a service (SaaS) is mainstream, with over 60 percent of our tech-buyer survey respondent saying they are currently using some applications. Over one third currently use infrastructure as a service (IaaS), and within two years over half expect to do the same. Tech buyers of all stripes tell us they expect to nearly double their usage of software-defined-networking (SDN) in two years, to a nearly 30 percent adoption rate. Platform as a Service (PaaS) and database as a service should also display rapid growth, and within two years will cross the 40 percent threshold…

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