Gartner: The DaaS floodgates are open thanks to Amazon WorkSpaces

InsightaaS: The Gartner Blog Network collects posts from across Gartner’s research community. In this post, research director Gunnar Berger provides perspective on the impact of Amazon’s WorkSpaces announcement – how it affects the overall trend towards DaaS, its impact on desktop/hosting strategies, and what it means to Burnaby, B.C.-based Teradici.

Amazon announced this week that they are offering their own Desktop as a Service (DaaS) offering. Before I dig into this let’s set the record straight: technically speaking there was absolutely nothing new in this announcement.Many DaaS service providers have been offering near identical services for years. Since I cover this space I’ve had to suffer through the tweets of @guiseblue for the past few years (CEO of a DaaS start-up TUcloud), so I can tell you very confidently that for the most part this has all been done.

  • Citrix has many partnerships with service providers that are doing this
  • VMware has vCHS and also with the acquisition of Desktone they picked up other service providers doing this
  • There have been a ton of leaks about Microsoft planning on doing this
  • There are plenty of small guys doing this

So there is nothing drastically new here BUT there are some pretty cool things about this announcement. So lets discuss those:


For those that don’t know Teradici, Teradici is the maker of the PCoIP protocol and they make zero clients which are a thin client alternative ASIC solution that are more secure, easier to manage, etc, etc. This announcement is huge win for Teradici and in my opinion its on the same scale of magnitude when they partnered with VMware to put PCoIP in VMware’s Horizon View product…

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