Forrester: The Cloud Foundry Foundation – The Key Driver Of A Breakthrough In PaaS Adoption

ATN-300InsightaaS: On Friday, we’ll be publishing our 2015 forecast piece, which we co-developed with Techaisle. One of the items will note that UX, and not DevOps, will be a key issue in 2015.

There’s a second section to our 2015 list that looks at five technologies/activity categories that won’t hit the mainstream in 2015, but which are poised for success in 2016. DevOps isn’t on that list, but it easily could have been. It’s clearly an increasingly-important issue in application development – and as a result, PaaS, which is tightly coupled with DevOps, is becoming a more important issue in cloud.

Today’s feature, from Forrester, looks at Cloud Foundry, “a major PaaS open source project” (or more accurately, the major open source project). Cloud Foundry enjoys the support of vendors like HP and IBM (and VMware and Pivotal), who recognize that absent some reason to hesitate, even more of the development community will become wedded to AWS. Only Microsoft, with Azure, has created a credible proprietary alternative.

It seems likely that Cloud Foundry will play an important role in the cloud strategies of major providers, and consequently, in the cloud strategies of many customers. Will this occur in 2015? Not according to our upcoming forecast. But it will gain momentum in 2015, and will edge its way into consideration for longer-term initiatives.

The rise of the DevOps role in the enterprise and the increasing requirements of agility beyond infrastructure and applications make the platform-as-a-service (PaaS) market one to watch for both CIOs and enterprise architecture professionals. On December 9, the membership of Cloud Foundry, a major PaaS open source project, announced the formation of the Cloud Foundry Foundation.

In my view, this is as important as the establishment of OpenStack foundation in 2012, which was a game-changing move for the cloud industry. Here’s why:

  • PaaS is becoming an important alternative to middleware stacks. Forrester defines PaaS as a complete application platform for multitenant cloud environments that includes development tools, runtime, and administration and management tools and services. (See our Forrester Wave evaluation for more detail on the space and its vendors.) In the cloud era, it’s a transformational alternative to established middleware stacks for the development, deployment, and administration of custom applications in a modern application platform, serving as a strategic layer between infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) and software-as-a-service (SaaS) with innovative tools.
  • Cloud Foundry is one major open source PaaS software. Cloud Foundry was developed in the Ruby and Go programming languages by Chris Richardson. SpringSource bought it in 2009, and it was subsequently acquired by VMware and released as open source in 2011. Early adopters of Cloud Foundry include large multinationals like Verizon, SAP, NTT, and SAS, as well as Chinese Internet giants like Baidu.
  • The community is gaining momentum…

Read the entire post on the Forrester blogsite: Link




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