Forrester: If Dr. Seuss Could Comment Upon IoT, This Is What He Might Say…

InsightaaS: Forrester Research is one of the world’s leading IT analyst firms — it is generally thought to be a key source of insight into and influence over use of new technologies. The company’s blog page contains commentary from its analysts. In some cases, we’re treated to one that steps a bit outside of the mainstream, adding humour and/or perspective to the stream of serious IT announcement reviews. This is one of those cases! Forrester VP/principal analyst John Kindervag steps out from his “Quick Takes” on security announcements to imagine Dr. Seuss (and characters drawn from both Seuss books and the IT world) pronouncing on the Internet of Things.

Things Run Amok
by John Kindervag
(To be read in the style of Dr. Seuss)

We live in a world all interconnected
But how in the world will it get all protected?
Some bad boys and girls will try to infect it
Making the internet all broken-neck-ed
When Timmy B-Lee created the net
He just couldn’t see it would be such a threat:
“People are nice and they’ll do the right thing”
But, wow, it turns out that people are mean.
When the web first began we could count each device
We could even count each device almost twice!
But there’s so many Things now connected you see,
It must really amaze ol’ Timmy B-Lee!
All of the futurists cackle with glee
Now that we’ve given each Thing IP!
A magical protocol that sets all Things free!


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