Enterprise Irregulars: Thoughts on the Internet's Monetization Opportunity

InsightaaS: Evangelos Simoudis, managing director at Trident Capital, has published a piece in the excellent Enterprise Irregulars blog site looking at how Internet traffic can/will be monetized.  In his post, Simoudis states that he is “bullish on the transformative potential of the Internet in the enterprise,” pointing to three forces – US-based Millenials (“the most Internet-savvy consumers”) emerging as important buyers/influencers, the impact of high-speed mobile access on usage patterns, and the “low penetration of the Internet channel in most industries” – that will combine to increase Internet monetization. Simoudis sees these forces impacting two key areas – online advertising and marketing applications and services – with three major outcomes: “engagement applications entering the marketing stack…advertising and marketing being re-imagined as more of a science than an art…[and] subscriptions to software (SaaS) and services” replacing current processes and traditional license models.

A few days ago I hosted the meeting of our Internet Advisory Board.  Preparing for that meeting led me to jot down my thoughts regarding the sector’s monetization opportunity.

I remain bullish on the transformative potential of the Internet in the enterprise that we view as the channel for achieving scale inexpensively and transforming every industry.  Three drivers feed our bullishness:

  1. The US-based Millennials (the most Internet-savvy consumers) are entering their prime buying and influence period.
  2. High-speed mobile access combined with improved smart devices (smartphones, tablets, embeddable devices) further accelerates Internet usage.  The mobile device opportunity is having a far greater disruptive impact than anticipated
  3. Low penetration of the Internet channel in most industries. In a recent survey conducted by Booz executives from 350 companies reported that they spend 8.1 percent of their R&D budgets on Internet-related tools.

The Internet offers a great opportunity, but also a great challenge for marketers seeking to engage consumers at a time when publishers and platforms are ceding control to users.  We see this impacting two areas of focus for Trident: online advertising and marketing applications and services

Read the entire post: http://www.enterpriseirregulars.com/68555/thoughts-internets-monetization-opportunity/


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