Dean Bubley: WebRTC, VoIP & mobile comms apps: bringing new power-dynamics to human interaction

InsightaaS: Dean Bubley is the founder of telecom consulting company Disruptive Analysis, which analyzes telco business models, and publisher of Dean Bubley’s Disruptive Wireless blog. Bubley is known for combining a keen grasp of context and a deep understanding of communications technology, and he displays this combination here: starting with a look at how social interactions develop, he builds a case for how “fashion, convenience, inertia, power, prejudice, taste, context and lifestyle” will be powerful forces in communications technology selection.

When two people want to arrange a meeting, an interesting social negotiation occurs. Do you meet at one person’s office, the other’s, a convenient cafe, a hotel lobby, or at an event? Who initially suggests the time and the format? Who decides whether to invite other people to the meeting as well?

Numerous factors determine the choice. Is one person travelling? Does someone work from home rather than an office? Which has the busiest schedule and the least time to go out? Who requested the meeting?

…. and, perhaps the most important: who has the most power and influence in the interaction?

If you’re a salesman, you’ll probably go to your client’s site.
If you’re friends, you might meet over lunch, somewhere convenient.
If you’re an employee, you’ll go to your boss’ office.

It’s a blend of power-dynamics, pragmatism and context. Who’s got the money, the influence, or the persuasive capabilities? Or the best coffee machine…

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  1. Quite useful inputs about mobile VoIP…Thanks for sharing it…I would say redundancy is also one of the main reasons where these apps are getting new face for communication industry.


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