Day 5 of Holiday Cheer: Optimizing the foundations of IT service delivery

Welcome to Day 5 of our Ten Days of Holiday Cheer series! Working from the incredible content that the dozens of speakers and hundreds of participants created in GCDCS20, we are opening up our event archives to give everyone in the data centre/IT service delivery community a chance to end 2020 on a high note.

On the fifth day of holiday cheer, we turn our attention to the foundations of IT service delivery, regardless of whether that service originates in enterprise data centres, colo facilities or the cloud: power and cooling, and the ability to establish and manage high-density environments.

The Power and Cooling track kicked off with a research presentation on Key Trends in Critical Facilities, delivered by Matt Stansberry, VP North America for Uptime Institute. Next up, Rob Parker of Vertiv chimed in with a Spotlight Presentation on Core Innovation: Delivering power and cooling in production data centre environments. A terrific panel representing multiple viewpoints followed, featuring Rob, legendary data centre designer and Virtual Power Systems chairman Peter Gross, and Bloomberg Operations Services Manager Bill Skinner, moderated by GCDCS co-founder and McMaster CIRC Managing Director Suvojit Ghosh. With their breadth of experience, the panel was able to address key questions facing data centre operators as they plot strategy in an uncertain environment.

As is generally the case with GCDCS, the Power and Cooling track was the best-attended of the five subject-focused tracks. The data centre and IT practitioner professional community has a unique insight into the importance of a sound delivery foundation – and the Power and Cooling track delivered research and experienced-based insight that helps the broad range of enterprise, colo and cloud data centre providers to align their priorities with emerging options and needs.

Matt’s “Key Trends in Critical Facilities” presentation:

Rob’s spotlight presentation, and the panel discussion with Peter, Bill and Suvojit:


[for navigation purposes: 0:00 introduction; 0:28 Rob’s spotlight presentation begins; 13:09 panel discussion begins]

All ’10 Days of Holiday Cheer!’ sessions are available to GCDCS20 subscribers. If you are one of the 600 members of this group, simply log into the virtual event portal and select the “Spotlight” tab to gain access to these and other resources, If you didn’t register before the live event, please follow this link and click on “Register” – you’ll get access to video interviews, the new “Data Centre Management in the 2020s” ebook, new sessions and opportunities for interaction in January/February/March – and, of course, access to all of the footage from GCDCS20. 


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