Day 2 of Holiday Cheer: the best in sustainability insight

Welcome to Day 2 of our Ten Days of Holiday Cheer series! Working from the incredible content that the dozens of speakers and hundreds of participants created in GCDCS20, we are opening up our event archives to give everyone in the data centre/IT service delivery community a chance to end 2020 on a high note.

On the second day of holiday cheer, we bring you the best insight available – anywhere! – into sustainable data centre practices.

InsightaaS is recognized as an important voice in the sustainable IT field: its principals, Mary Allen and Michael O’Neil, were the Sustainable IT columnists for Bloomberg BNA, and InsightaaS has issued some of the industry’s best sustainability research. Part of the advantage of working in this area is understanding who the leading voices are in the field – and for the Sustainability Track, we were able to engage several of the experts who shapre industry understanding of sustainability options and opportunities.

The sustainability track started with a session entitled “Aligning data centre and sustainability imperatives.” Moderated by Mary Allen and presented as a dialogue between Susanna Kass – data centre advisor to UN Sustainable Development, Energy fellow and lecturer at Stanford and member of the Climate 50 – and Mark Monroe, who is a key member of the datacenter advanced development team at Microsoft and former Executive Director of the Green Grid, this discussion delivers unique perspective on the ‘hows’, ‘whys’ and ‘what nexts’ of the sustainable IT world.

In the GCDCS20 event, the “aligning data centre and sustainability imperatives” session was followed by a Spotlight Presentation by Joseph Reele, Vice President, Solution Architects for Schneider Electric, a leading force in driving sustainability within data centre facilities. Joe’s presentation was followed by a panel – again moderated by Mary Allen – that reflected the global interest in sustainability: it included France-based OVHcloud Chief Industrialization Officer François Sterin, Ireland-based Simon McCormick (CTO, Echelon Data Centers) and Toronto-based Sun Life AVP, Data Centre Operations and Governance Rocco Alonzi.

[for navigation purposes: Joe Reele’s spotlight starts the video; Mary begins to introduce the panel at 19:28; and the panel discussion begins in earnest at 24:30!]

The 10 Days of Holiday Cheer!

All ’10 Days of Holiday Cheer!’ sessions are available to GCDCS20 subscribers. If you are one of the 600 members of this group, simply log into the virtual event portal and select the “Spotlight” tab to gain access to these and other resources, If you didn’t register before the live event, please follow this link and click on “Register” – you’ll get access to video interviews, the new “Data Centre Management in the 2020s” ebook, new sessions and opportunities for interaction in January/February/March – and, of course, access to all of the footage from GCDCS20. 


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