Datacenter Dynamics: Toronto's Booming Data Centers are Ripe for Refit

ATN-300InsightaaS: This is a curious item for InsightaaS’s Across the Net section – it highlights Datacenter Dynamics’ media coverage of a DCD report on the Toronto data center market, with an information and registration link to a Toronto DCD event that is taking place on November 6. Why is this unusual?  Well…the report was written by InsightaaS principal analyst Michael O’Neil, who is also acting as chair of the event. It feels a little bit like walking into a party where one of the guests is telling a story about an event you were engaged in – it’s hard to tell where the line is drawn between observer and participant.

In any event – the article does a good job of providing a precis of some of the report’s most interesting findings. Certainly, the growth rate in the Toronto DC market is substantial from both a ‘white space’ and power consumption perspective. The point about aging infrastructure is really interesting as well; there’s additional data in the report that helps clarify some of the areas of pent-up demand for modernization. The conclusion is somewhat clearer in the report than in the article, but the main point holds – Toronto has been growing as a data center hub, and “our” (DCD’s and InsightaaS’s, both!) opinion is that it is poised for further growth over the next several years as well.

Toronto is the most important data center location in Canada, and one of the top ten in North America. Its particular setting makes it particularly ripe for renewal and refit projects, according to a new study by DCD Intelligence.

The Greater Toronto Area (GTA), has a total population of more than six million, making it the fifth biggest metropolitan area in North America.

With the rise in “data sovereignty”, all of Canada’s 35 million population are likely customers for facilities in Toronto, and may prefer not to store data in the US where it is subject to Patriot Act/NSA oversight…

Link to the entire story on the DCD website: Link

Link to the registration form for the Toronto DCD event on November 6: Link


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