Dan Kusnetzky: Red Hat and virtualization – it's the ecosystem, baby

InsightaaS:Frequently, when we hear the word “hybrid,” we envision an environment in which public and private cloud resources are connected into a single infrastructure. This is a valid definition – but in reality, we are much more likely to see “hybrid” used to refer to the interconnection of on-premise and cloud systems. Both descriptions share a common requirement for tools that allow for management of the overall resource pool as a single system.

“Red Hat and virtualization – it’s the ecosystem, baby,” looks at the tools and broader partner ecosystem that Red Hat has built to support public/on-prem integrated infrastructures. The post is written by Dan Kuznetzky – an analyst for whom InsightaaS has a great deal of respect, and one who has deep experience as both an IT supplier (DEC) and analyst (IDC, 451 Research). Today, Kusnetzky runs the Kusnetzky Group, and publishes a blog both that appears both on his site and on ZDnet under the “Virtually Speaking” banner. “Red Hat and virtualization – it’s the ecosystem, baby” is illustrative of why Kusnetzky’s opinion is so well-regarded. In it, Kusnetzky combines input from Red Hat’s Radhesh Balakrishnan with insights from other conversations and his own experience to illustrate the importance of Red Hat’s Enterprise Virtualization 3.3, the company’s distribution of KVM. He covers the substance of the 3.3 announcement, and then adds his own perspective: “Red Hat’s efforts to integrate KVM and OpenStack into its product portfolio go far beyond just adding a collection of open source software projects to the distribution DVD or download. I like the fact that Red Hat has taken many extra steps to make sure that those products are smoothly available to customers implementing workloads on a combination of physical, virtual and cloud-based hosts.”

Summary: Red Hat’s Radhesh Balakrishnan talks about Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization 3.0 and its impact on creating OpenStack-based clouds. In the end, he points out that Red Hat’s business model and its key success factor is the ecosystem…

Quick review of the news: “Designed to deliver traditional datacenter virtualization while providing an on-ramp to OpenStack, Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization enables a wide variety of enterprises to deploy traditional and elastic workloads on their existing infrastructure without impacting service levels, performance or scalability. The newest version of Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization enables customers to deploy a common set of OpenStack services (Compute, Storage and Networking) that can be used by their datacenter virtualization platform through Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization, as well as their private cloud through Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack Platform…”

Snapshot analysis: Red Hat has “done the work to integrate a management API into its product…Red Hat is making sure that the same tools, facilities and system services are available when needed. This level of integration should lower the cost of development and administration…”

Read the entire post: http://www.zdnet.com/red-hat-and-virtualization-its-the-ecosystem-baby-7000025554/


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