Cloud Ave: Collaboration and the Online Dating Syndrome

InsightaaS: Cloud Ave. is a site that is frequently cited on Across the Net, owing to its commitment to examining cloud through both a technology and a business lens. In this post, Jacob Morgan of social media consultancy Chess Media Group compares corporate collaboration tools to online dating. The link? In both cases, there’s a tendency for the real and virtual realities to diverge. In the case of collaboration, Morgan argues, employee metrics and compensation plans may result in the online image reflecting management aspirations rather than the true face of the corporation’s culture.

Anyone that has tried online dating can tell you that the person you see online isn’t always the same person that you see in real life. See, the problem with online dating is that people can make themselves look like anyone they want online.  This is the same problem with many organizations today.

Organizations today are overly enamored with collaboration solutions, sharing, and the future of work.  They say they want employees to share, to communicate across silos, to innovate, to collaborate and be open, and to be empowered (and oh so much more!)  To do this, many companies deploy a collaboration technology, throw some training around it, and maybe get an executive to speak at a Town Hall meeting or prepare a video about why this new direction is so important…

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