CIO Dashboard: Cloud – The Testing Ground for the New CIO

InsightaaS: CIO Dashboard is a blog run by PwC principal Chris Curran. In this post, guest blogger Mike Pearl (also of PwC) discusses how cloud provides “a testing ground for CIOs to learn to lead through influence.”


In case you missed it, Michael Hickins of the Wall Street Journal recently detailed a lively panel discussion that unfolded during MIT’s CIO Symposium on May 22, 2013. CIOs complained in chorus about cloud computing vendors circumventing the IT department and selling directly to business units. One CIO compared the proliferation of rogue cloud deployments to cockroaches.

In the midst of the fiery finger pointing and complaints about redundancy, complexity, risk and confusion, a breakthrough happened: CIOs confessed they’ve been slow to provide business users with the cloud services they need. They admitted to playing a critical role in fostering the conditions that enabled Shadow IT to flourish in the first place. It’s one of the many signs that CIOs are moving beyond the denial stage and accepting that cloud is the new normal…

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