CIO Dashboard: 5 Behaviors of Digital Performance

InsightaaS: CIO Dashboard is a blog run by PwC principal Chris Curran. In this post, he provides analysis of top-performing firms – those ranking “in the top quartile for revenue growth, profitability, and innovation” amongst nearly 1500 surveyed – to identify the ways in which these leaders infuse advanced digital behaviour into their business practices. Curran’s post highlights five characteristics that enable these firms to make “digital…a way of life.”

In our 2014 Digital IQ survey of almost 1,500 business and technology executives, only 20% of respondents are highly confident in their organization’s Digital IQ–a company’s acumen in understanding, valuing and weaving technology throughout the enterprise.

How can a company raise its Digital IQ and harness the full power of technology to advance their business performance? Top performers–companies that reside in the top quartile for revenue growth, profitability, and innovation–point the way.

We analyzed the responses of top performers to understand what they do differently to fuse business and technology. For top performers, digital isn’t window dressing or corporate speak. Digital is a way of life. Following are five key best practices that top performers employ to outdo the competition:

1. CEO is the Digital Leader

81% of top performers say their CEO is an active champion of using information technology to achieve business goals…

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