Chuck Hollis: Software-Defined Storage – The Journey is Yours

InsightaaS: Chuck Hollis is a former EMC executive who is now chief strategist for VMware's SAS (storage and application services) business unit, and author of the well-regarded Chuck's Blog. Given his background spanning leadership roles in both a storage and a virtualization vendor, we thought Chuck's perspective on software-defined storage would be particularly well informed, and indeed, this entry provides needed guidance to IT leaders considering whether to extend 'software defined' to another aspect of their infrastructure. His observations about the difference between 'top-down' and 'bottom-up' approaches and his advice to 'start small...and think big' both provide insight into how to approach an important set of virtual infrastructure issues, in storage and beyond.

I thought it fitting that I close out this series on software-defined storage with a bit of practical advice for those of you who are intrigued – and motivated – to move in this direction.

To be transparent, it would be inaccurate for me to say that there’s a landslide of significant SDS deployments to date.  Yet interest is very, very high. 

That’s to be expected: I remember the early days of cloud, big data, etc.  All were once exotic concepts, but all are quite mainstream today.

And I’ve met enough architects who have that gleam in their eye to be encouraged 🙂

Let’s Start At The BeginningAt the risk of repeating myself endlessly, here’s the quick definition of software-defined storage we've been using...

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