Bosch SI: Big data – 5 key capabilities for data management in IoT

ATN-300InsightaaS: In July, we featured a post by Bosch Software Innovations – a division of the German industrial giant that “designs, develops, and operates innovative software and system solutions that help our customers around the world both in the Internet of Things and in the traditional enterprise environment” – which asked the question “how much value is there in Big Data, really?” Today, we revisit the Bosch SI blog site to cover “Big data: 5 key capabilities for data management in IoT. The post begins by positioning M2M as the predecessor of IoT, and incorporates an excellent graphic from Machina Research that connects four conditions typical of “pre-IoT” M2M environments with the changes that occur with Internet of Things, and with the implications – scale, speed, structure and situation – in a Big Data context. The post then highlights five key Big Data management capabilities in an IoT environment: creating rich, functional applications; unlocking business agility; enabling a single point of truth and business convergence; real-time operational insight; and enterprise-grade platform. In truth, the post is nearly silent about these factors, encouraging interested readers to download a report if they want explanations. The graphic, though, is worth a visit to the post, even if the explanation linked to the post’s title is lacking.

M2M (Machine-to-Machine) is seen by many in the industry as the predecessor of the Internet of Things (IoT). However, the evolution from M2M to the IoT is not only a question of adding more devices. Let me quote from a Machina Research recent report:

“The significance of the Internet of Things is not that more and more devices, people and systems are ‘connected’ with one another. It is that the data generated from these ‘things’ is shared, processed, analysed and acted upon through new and innovative applications, applying completely new analysis methods and within significantly altered timeframes. The Internet of Things will drive big data, providing more information, from many different sources, in real-time, and allow us to gain completely new perspectives on the environments around us.”

M2M applications are well established in a range of industrial applications: They are typically characterized by managing well defined data sets from specific classes of devices, encoded in vertically integrated technology stacks designed to enable monitoring and alerts.

The evolution from M2M to IoT fundamentally changes these characteristics…

Read the entire post on the Bosch SI site: Link


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