ATN Infographic: Whatever happened to phonebooths?

InsightaaS: Yesterday, I watched a POS device say that it was "dialing," and wondered, "does anyone under 25 actually know what 'dialing' refers to?" Fast forward another 20 years, and I wonder the same thing about Superman references to 'phone booths'. Remember those, back when they were used by anyone who wasn't at home, rather than just characters in movies looking for untraceable calling locations?

The phonebooth is already a dying institution - which, since phonebooths are pretty large items, leaves quite a lot of debris in its trail! Fortunately, as the saying goes, one man's trash is another man's treasure. Reader Pete Campbell has compiled this "listicle" that is resident on the site of Ansaback, a UK-based  supplier of call centre and telephone answering services. It has 20 examples of phonebooths converted - into art, into a local pub, an aquarium, various forms of showers, and more. Personally, I'm torn between the brain and the goldfish. What do you like?


See the infographic on the Ansaback site: Link