ATN Infographic: The Periodic Table of SEO

InsightaaS: Our last few posts have contained notes on the impact of social connections on content awareness, and this item continues the theme. One of our new followers (based in France) had this Periodic Table of SEO Factors (from Search Engine Land, which is based, unsurprisingly, on the web) embedded in his Twitter banner – and when we started to explore it, we liked it so much (to paraphrase Victor Kiam) that we embedded it in a post ourselves! The table provides a clear and compelling view of the key elements (sorry, couldn’t resist) involved in social media success. Organizing the important aspects of content, code, architecture (the “on the page” factors), links, trust, social presence and personal contact (the “off the page” factors), the chart illustrates the issues that organizations of all types need to consider as they build a corporate strategy for ramping up their online presence. The authors have not only done a nice job of presenting this information visually – they’ve developed a guide that contains internal links to subject-specific posts on a wide range of issues that will help marketers to align their web visibility with a series of best practices. In a world where search is rapidly eclipsing campaign-based marketing as the best way to engage with customers and prospects, this kind of insight is extremely helpful across many different business contexts.


Read the annotated guide to the Table on the Search Engine Land website: Link


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