ATN Infographic: All about logos and branding

ATN-300InsightaaS: ATN used to run a new infographic each Sunday. I’ve fallen out of the habit recently, but decided to revive it (at least for this week!) with the IG below. Things like this always get me wondering…are the three dots in the InsightaaS logo the right size and colour? Are they balanced? Is the somewhat different treatment that we use for ATN (where the circles are hollow outlines instead of solids, and where the overall effect – at least for me – kind of resembles one of those old bikes that was used as the Village logo in The Prisoner) better or worse than the main brand, or is it just different? Not being a visual person myself, it’s hard for me to tell…

One thing I will say – some of the logos (Coca-Cola, I’m pointing at you!) seem to draw their strength from a history of success rather than from any replicable design approach. Other examples (like the alternative Red Bull logo) are just kind of funny. Regardless of what you’re reading for, you’ll probably take something away from the infographic. This is especially true if you’re an entrepreneur who doesn’t have access to a design studio. Does your logo match up with the characteristics you’d like to be associated with?
How to Design a Logo
How to Design a Logo


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