ATN Infographic: A quick look at a Google search alternative

InsightaaS: Some “competitive” categories aren’t really all that competitive. Search is one: the name “Google” is synonymous with the act of searching the web, and anyone who runs a website has likely seen 90%+ of referral traffic coming from Google.

However, Google is frequently seen in an ambiguous light, with the utility of its product contrasted with some degree of distrust for the company itself. As a result, it’s pretty commonly held that a degree of competition for Google would be good for IT users and the IT supplier community. It isn’t always easy to avoid Google;s search tools – they are embedded in many devices and websites – but there are other options, ranging from Bing and other commercial search tools to the open-source Apache Solr. Today’s infographic, sourced from LucidWorks, provides a brief explanation of the history and attributes of this open-source search alternative.


See the inforgraphic in context on the LucidWorks site: Link



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