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Positioning colo in a cloudy future

A carrot and the stick are accelerating the migration of business servers from on-premise to provider facilities. Driven by high CAPEX and OPEX costs associated with data centre build and maintenance, and attracted by the flexibility offered by colocation services, many organizations are opting to house IT equipment – or to deploy cloud services – […]

Chip Freund, director, colocation and data centre product marketing, CenturyLink

David Patrick COLO-D 2

Hydro delivers a DC power boost

La belle province is the new darling of the Canadian data centre industry. Driven by growing appetite for data centre services associated with the digitization of business and daily life, and fueled by demand for local delivery, global operators are setting up shop in Quebec at an impressive rate. While AWS announced this past January […]

Feeding the output machines 2

One thing that’s kept inkjet printers out of the enterprise is the simple issue of ink. It’s expensive, it’s a pain in the neck to keep replacing cartridges as they run out of ink with infuriating regularity, and printing can be slow. Monster high-speed industrial inkjet systems have long been fuelled not from cartridges, but […]

Lynn Greiner, freelance IT journalist and regular contributor to InsightaaS

Mary Allen, managing editor, InsightaaS

Microgrids: integration for power cost and control

Context: microgrid and data center synergies Autonomous energy networks that integrate distributed power resources, matching this with local energy loads to service localized demand, microgrids are perhaps best described in opposition to the supergrid – or national grid systems built by the utility companies. In contrast to the super or macro grid, which features centralized […]

CenturyLink builds in central Washington

CenturyLink is on the move again, this time into central Washington with this month’s announcement of a new data centre at Moses Lake. Designed for initial ramp to 8 megawatts, and ultimately for 30 megawatts of IT load, this new facility is part of the company’s aggressive expansion plan. It also functions as a good […]

Drew Leonard, VP global colocation, CenturyLink