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Balancing the scale: cloud and regulation in the banking world  

Banks have become technology companies. With massive backend infrastructure to address huge transactional data requirements, extensive operational systems, and increasingly sophisticated customer facing online or mobile portals, banks are typically first adopters of advanced technology in many regions. Some have even jettisoned bricks and mortar altogether in favour of all-digital service delivery for retail as […]

Roji Oommen, managing director of financial services at CenturyLink Technology Solutions

Peter Papadakos, director, decision support, Quinte Health Care

Creating ‘data aware’ culture: Quinte Heath Care 1  

Background: Quinte Health Care Corporation is comprised of four geographically dispersed hospitals in Hastings and Prince Edward counties of Ontario, which employ a total of 1,600 people. Each of these institutions serves patient regions featuring different demographic profiles, a point that has become more significant as Quinte strives to align delivery of patient care with […]

VMware hybrid cloud aims at silencing ‘network trombones’ 1  

Cloud news at VMworld 2015 confirmed the currency of two themes that have steered the cloud discourse over the past couple of years: the emergence of public cloud as the dominant IT service delivery mechanism, and blurring of the lines between PaaS and IaaS. If the shift towards adoption of public cloud is slow, it […]

Angelos Kottas, senior director product marketing, hybrid cloud, VMware

Jared 2

VMware driving container coopetition 1  

Is software really eating the world? Certainly a revolutionary conjuncture of trends would suggest this is so. While new digital models are displacing traditional brick and mortar businesses across the industry spectrum – Uber and Airbnb are only the most celebrated examples – the app explosion is delivering an unimagined diversity of novel services to […]

451 Research: Schneider Electric dances on its toes in response to changing datacenter demand 2

While the single cloud is no longer on the futurists’ radar, in their research into Schneider Electric’s evolving data centre strategy presented below, 451 Research analysts Rhonda Ascierto and Andy Lawrence explore some of the market response to a particular form of consolidation – the rise of the hyperscale facility, and the decline of the on-premise enterprise […]

Rhonda Ascierto, research director, datacenter technologies & eco-efficient IT, 451 Research