Wikibon: Apple's Transformation from Market Leader to Market Follower Continues

InsightaaS: Scott Lowe of Wikibon, the open source community of world-leading storage and solution analysts, has a clear perspective on the meaning of Apple’s latest product announcements. In “Apple’s Transformation from Market Leader to Market Follower Continues,” Lowe opines that the introduction of the iPhone 5S and 5C “was far from exciting in pretty much every way.”

Apple’s September 9, 2013 announcement is proof that Apple has made the full transformation from innovation powerhouse to Just Another American Company.  If you’re not aware yet, today Apple announced the imminent release of two new iPhones.  The first is the successor to the current iPhone 5 and is dubbed the iPhone 5s. The second is a new, lower cost class of iPhone that is available in a variety of colors and is known as the iPhone 5c…

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