The world’s first electronic communication network for digital currencies announces collaboration with Seneca College

TORONTO, Feb. 12, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Blockstation (“The Company”), a Blockchain token reference quote, delivery system, and electronic communications network company announces a collaboration with Seneca Applied Research and Innovation alongside Professor Ishaan Srivastava from Seneca’s School of Accounting and Financial Services.

Vanessa Williamson, Dean, Applied Research and Innovation commented, “As blockchain is an undeniably ingenious invention, we are ecstatic to be working with a company like Blockstation at the forefront of it all. Blockstation is the first market delivery system for BlockChain Tokens.”

The collaboration will see the creation of paper based algorithmic consideration of currency pairs. Seneca will also look to identify and predict the best locations to position cryptocurrencies or fiat currencies for the purpose of buying/selling at the most favourable prices.

The algorithmic formula will be derived from in-depth analysis of recent prices and trends. The company’s objective is to obtain the latest iteration of the algorithm to produce a low risk return of 10% per month.

Jai Waterman, Co-Founder and Chief Enterprise Architect of Blockstation commented, “The collaboration with Seneca can maximize the potential of our proprietary algorithmic low risk trading engine by applying invaluable expertise in applied research. We applaud Seneca for their actions toward achieving corporate milestones, which will propel future academia.” The company is pleased to be able to draw on Seneca’s expertise in applied research to enable this initiative to come to fruition.

The initial phase if successful will open the door to a broader collaboration in the future. Marko M. Hafez, Co-Founder and Corporate Director of Blockstation commented, “Seneca has proven to be a leader in their space and takes a results orientated approach. As we embark on another major corporate milestone, we are fortunate to collaborate with Seneca Applied Research and Innovation.”

About Blockstation
Blockstation is at the forefront of research, development and commercialization of an enterprise grade, direct market access (DMA) platform for Blockchain Tokens like Bitcoin. This technology facilitates online electronic delivery and settlement of live streaming auditable reference quotes, allowing Blockchain Tokens to be accessed by traditional financial institutions and on-line retail trading platforms. Blockstation’s Electronic Communications Network (ECN) has been built using the methods and design principals of BATS, BRUT, Archipelago and Island, bridging the divide between legacy and distributed ledger technologies.

About Seneca
With campuses in Toronto, York Region and Peterborough, Seneca offers degrees, diplomas, certificates and graduate programs renowned for their quality and respected by employers. It is one of the largest comprehensive colleges in Canada, offering nearly 300 full-time, part-time and online programs. Combining the highest academic standards with work-integrated and applied learning, expert teaching faculty and the latest technology ensure Seneca graduates are career-ready.

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