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Digital mindset mandate

InsightaaS.com perspective:  ICT has long been recognized as a primary means to productivity improvement, but with technology advancements, ICT is also viewed increasingly as...

HP’s “Lego-block” for open, hybrid cloud

For adopting organizations, cloud is a work in progress. The same may be said of providers, though, who work to build capabilities while responding...

Navigating the cloud path between "all" and "nothing"

InsightaaS perspective: Cloud is having a major impact at all points in the IT delivery ecosystem: on end-users, on IT management and staff members,...

Serving up cloud in Smarter Commerce bites

Oft cited as a key player in the social, mobile, Big Data quartet, cloud is widely viewed as an important enabler of business productivity....

Disruptive Technologies in the Datacenter

By Katie Broderick; special to InsightaaS.com from 451 Research. InsightaaS perspective: 451 Research is one of the world’s leading sources of insight into cutting edge...