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BlackBerry stepping up EMM game

BlackBerry has received more than its fair share of media scrutiny over the past year with device trend watchers salivating over much anticipated dramatic...

RBC's Secure Cloud for mobile wallet

Canadians - and their banking institutions - have proved precocious in the embrace of new technologies. Early adopters of debit cards, Canadians have looked...

Process the key barrier in digital healthcare

Harnessing technology to the yoke of specific user circumstance carries complexity that can inhibit adoption. In healthcare, for example, the application of IT is...

Microsoft Canada opens 'technology wonderland'

InsightaaS.com perspective: The launch of the MTC reflects the reality of increasing complexity in IT. The technologies that Microsoft delivers — desktops, servers, software...

Mind the gap: security and mobile devices

In our first research release, InsightaaS.com teams with Leger 360 to look at Canadians’ use of personal devices to access and store corporate data...

PC Economics

It’s clear, both in the press and in the experience of our own lives, that we now live in a multi-screen world. Most users...