Primalbase launches crypto-backed shared workspaces

Primalbase is transforming the traditional office rental into a community-centred ecosystem where anyone can share, sell or rent out high-end office spaces using digital tokens, from anywhere in the world.

The idea of creating global shared workspaces for tech entrepreneurs started in 2016, taking the well-established business model to the next level by offering a membership based on cryptocurrency. The Primalbase Token (PBT) gives people the opportunity to invest in commercial real estate and simultaneously access to a coworking space in the blockchain community.

In June 2017 Primalbase launched their successful ICO (selling out in 24 hours) aiming to become the number one coworking space in the blockchain and cryptocurrency community.   Token holders will enjoy unfettered access to a large community of like-minded people.  Entrepreneurs, experts, researchers, and consultants, from both startups and established businesses, and from various fields and industries.

Last month, Primalbase successfully opened their first office in Amsterdam, in an exciting area of the city called Houthavens.  Home to a host of venture funds and some of Europe’s largest incubators and accelerators, Amsterdam has become a highly regarded startup hub on the continent. A significant part of this success can be attributed to targeted pro-entrepreneurship government policies, aimed at supporting technological development and accelerating growth.

Primalbase plan to open four more locations over the next year in Berlin, London, New York and Singapore.  Berlin will open in December 2017, with London following in early 2018.  Once the initial five locations have opened, Primalbase will invite the community of token holders to vote on future locations.

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