OVH’s new bare-metal product ranges combine simplicity, high performance and versatility for Canadian customers

MONTREAL QC, March 26, 2019 – As OVH customers’ demands evolve, so does OVH’s bare-metal portfolio, which will now be divided into four product ranges for added simplicity, while retaining its fundamental values, such as availability, flexibility and latest-generation components. The Rise product range combines simplicity and high performance to suit the needs of very small businesses; the Advance range is designed for small and medium businesses, enabling fast application deployment; the Infrastructure range targets businesses and organizations with critical computing, storage and network capacity requirements; and the HG range is particularly relevant for highly intensive computing, big data and hyperconverged infrastructures.

Whether to help customers get started in the cloud, support business growth or meet critical business requirements, OVH’s four new bare-metal product ranges offer a wide spectrum of configurations that take advantage of the latest technological innovations. Customers therefore get optimized–and customized–solutions for their individual specific needs.

“To meet the needs of the growing cloud market in Canada and globally, we have chosen simplification, without ever compromising on what makes OVH’s solutions different and attractive, such as competitive price-performance ratio, product range depth and fast delivery,” said Xavier Perret, Executive Vice President, Chief Digital and Marketing Officer at OVH. “Through this new portfolio, OVH upholds its vision to stand for a cloud that is smart: Simple, Multi-local, Accessible, Reversible, and Transparent.”

OVH – Best-in-class bare metal made available in just 120 seconds

Through the website, every professional can find the bare-metal solution most suited to their expectations and to the criticality of their infrastructure. Thanks to end-to-end control of its production line and to its automated processes, OVH not only enables its customers to select one or more dedicated servers with a single click but also, most importantly, to have them available in just 120 seconds. This is a significant benefit in an environment where fast delivery is key to business competitiveness.

Computing and/or storage capacity can easily be added, if needed, so as to handle an increased amount of data; using the vRack[1], interconnecting your dedicated servers in a single private network is quite straightforward, just like associating them with other OVH Private Cloud or Public Cloud services to punctually handle a heavier workload.

Like all OVH’s dedicated servers, the new dedicated server ranges are operated to the most stringent security standards, compliant to ISO/IEC 27001[1]. In addition, anti-DDoS protection is included to block any kind of DDoS attack, 24×7, without any restrictions in size or duration. Users’ data is accessible and protected in the data centre chosen by the customer.

Rise – Start with a First Server
Available within a few months
• Servers in the Rise product range will delight tech-savvy customers looking for a web hosting, gaming or streaming solution.
• In addition to maximum availability and security, the Rise product range offers the best value for money and is available in several regions around the world to reduce latency.

Advance – Deploy Applications Fast
Available now
• The Advance product range suits the needs of small and medium businesses wishing to invest in high-performance and versatile servers. It is particularly suitable for website hosting, complex business applications (e.g. ERP systems), customer relation management (CRM), and database virtualization and management.
• The Advance product range consists of seven servers divided into two types of configurations, depending on the available computing power and storage capacity.
• Customers can choose the disk configuration included in their server: either high-capacity storage (HDD) or high-speed storage (NVMe SSD) – for the same price.

Infrastructure – Build Your Infrastructure Easily
Available within a few months
• The Infrastructure product range is designed for businesses of all sizes, as well as universities and government agencies that require scalability. Computing, storage and network capacities are suited to server cluster architectures.
• This product range is particularly suitable for managing big databases, containerization, and multi-tiered applications.

HG – Secure Business-Critical Applications
To be updated within a few months
• The HG product range is designed to meet the needs of scientific research, business-critical applications, and distributed computing and ultra-fast transactions in large private or public sector organisations.
• The HG product range is fully customizable and scalable to match the highest resiliency and security requirements. Pre-configurations for various use cases are available to make selection easier.
• These servers can accommodate dual processors and handle intensive workloads, such as high-performance computing (HPC), big data, artificial intelligence, deep learning and in-memory databases.

About OVH
OVH is a global, hyper-scale cloud provider that offers businesses industry-leading performance and value. European leader, OVH is the alternative in the cloud. Founded in 1999, the group manages and maintains 28 data centres across 12 continents, deploys its own fibre-optic global network and controls the entire hosting chain. Relying on its own infrastructures, OVH offers simple and powerful solutions and tools that put technology at the service of business, and revolutionizes the way that its 1.4 million customers work. Respect for individuals, freedom and equal opportunities for access to new technology have always been firmly rooted principals of the company. Hence OVH’s motto, “Innovation for Freedom”.


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