Ontario launches new export business portal

The new web portal will help businesses maximize their international market potential.

November 6, 2017 – Ontario is boosting access to resources for exporters with the new Magnet Export Business Portal, the first of its kind in Canada.

This new web portal will help connect Ontario exporters with the tools and content they need to succeed in international markets. The web portal will use highly intelligent, scalable, and leading technology to:

  • Eliminate the need for businesses to search through multiple websites, portals and programs saving them time, money and resources.
  • Remove the guesswork by delivering information that is targeted to the specific needs of each business.
  • Serve as a centralized trade hub in Ontario by bringing together export programs and services onto one platform.

As a key component of Ontario’s Global Trade Strategy, the new Magnet Export Business Portal will make it easier for businesses to navigate through Ontario’s trade ecosystem. By leveraging existing and emerging technologies to increase business intelligence, the province is driving diversification for all sectors through innovative programs and services.

Growing Ontario’s businesses and helping them compete internationally is part of our plan to create jobs, grow our economy and help people in their everyday lives.


“Today’s global marketplace is so increasingly complex, competitive and fast-moving that it demands an innovative approach to help internationally-minded companies navigate it with confidence. The Magnet Export Business Portal connects companies to critical programs and services quickly and easily. Fundamentally, Magnet is a modern solution to the modern challenge of diversification at the speed of business.”

— Michael Chan, Minister of International Trade

“The Magnet Export Business Portal offers a comprehensive approach for exporters by bringing all exporting programs and services onto a single platform.  Magnet has more than 12,000 businesses already using its platform, some of which are exporters or have export potential. Thanks to the initiative and funding from Ontario’s Ministry of International Trade, combined with our advanced technology, we believe these companies and thousands more will see immediate benefit from the Magnet Export Business Portal.”

— Mark Patterson, Executive Director, Magnet

”Exporting our products was essential to growing our business but it was also very daunting.  There are tremendous challenges in starting to export.  Identifying target markets, sourcing financing, understanding the tax implications and finding information and guidance to do it all easily when you have limited resources was very frustrating.  When I used the Magnet Export Business Portal for the first time, I was astounded to find everything I spent months trying to source and figure out was all there at my fingertips.  The developers have really hit this Portal out of the park.”

— Terry Hopper, Controller, Cedar Crest Wood Products


  • The Portal will help to increase the province’s international trade performance over the next five years.
  • Magnet is a not-for-profit social innovation co-founded by Ryerson University, in partnership with the Ontario Chamber of Commerce, and has been developed for Talent Matching, Labour Market Intelligence and Research, and Organization and Community Support Services.
  • The intelligent networking platform that powers Magnet is provided by the WhoPlusYou Inc., which was incubated by Ryerson’s DMZ and is recognized for its ability to filter, curate and target communications to its end user.
  • The Magnet matching technology will be used in the new Magnet Export Business portal to match users to opportunities well beyond jobs, filtering and curating information that supports businesses, economic development and trade.


Livestream the Magnet Export Business Portal announcement.

Sign up for the Magnet Export Business Portal.

For more information on Ontario’s Global Trade Strategy, please visit Ontario.ca/globaltradestrategy.



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