named the world’s first AI company to attain Privacy by Design Certification

Recognized by the International Data Protection and Privacy Commissioners, the certification is a globally recognized framework devoted to privacy protection.

TORONTO, Jan. 28, 2020 /CNW/ – is proud to announce it has become the world’s first AI-powered consumer intelligence network to hold the Privacy by Design Certification. With the rise in high-profile data security breaches, heightened privacy concerns from consumers, and emerging privacy regulations across the globe, the certification demonstrates the company’s steadfast commitment to protecting consumers’ personal information. 

The certification is granted through the PECB MS and KPMG alliance. Privacy by Design is a landmark solution developed by the former Information and Privacy Commissioner of Ontario. Considered the global standard in privacy protection, the certification is based on seven foundational principles, which are tested using KPMG’s Privacy by Design assessment framework, including “privacy embedded into design”, “end-to-end security” and “respect for user privacy”.

According to Dr. Ann Cavoukian, Creator of Privacy by Design, while integrating innovative technologies, such as AI, can contribute to creating relevant and more compelling consumer experiences, it’s only the first step.

“While AI represents an unprecedented opportunity for customer growth, its critical stakeholders understand the privacy, security and ethical issues associated with using the technology,” says Cavoukian. “When conducting the assessment of, we were impressed with how deeply rooted AI privacy is within the company’s framework. Their commitment to consumer privacy is outstanding and is a gold star example of how powerful AI can be when harnessed securely, with privacy embedded into its design.”

For Steve Irvine, Founder and CEO of, the certification is a significant milestone for the company and reinforces its founding and operational principles.

“Our Trusted Signals Platform was specifically designed to help consumer businesses get the insights they need to unlock the power of AI in a secure and private way, so to be recognized as the first company in our category is a powerful proof point for us,” said Irvine.

Implementing measures to mitigate risk will always be a top priority for businesses and consumers, especially as issues around privacy protection continue to be a top priority. To learn more, check out the Privacy by Design certification website.

About has revolutionized how consumer enterprises get the insights they need to unlock the power of AI with the introduction of the Trusted Signals Platform, the world’s first and largest consumer intelligence network. It enables businesses to generate better predictions about consumer needs—without sacrificing consumer privacy or security. By knowing exactly how to serve consumers, businesses consistently create interactions that lead to stronger relationships and better business outcomes. For more information, visit, and join the conversation on Twitter and LinkedIn.



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