HelpSeeker Technologies to launch Canada’s first social sector digital decision support platform

"Community Success Hub" is Canada's first decision support platform designed for complex social challenges facing communities.

CALGARY, AB, May 25, 2021  /CNW/ – COVID has amplified social challenges, including homelessness, poverty, domestic violence, and mental health. While there is more data at our fingertips than ever before, decision-makers in the social sector struggle to keep up with the increasing demand on their time and resources.

HelpSeeker has worked hand-in-hand with community partners across the country to develop a new platform that streamlines hundreds of data points and suggests actions and solutions based on unique community dynamics.

“Our goal is to shorten the time between data collection and analysis and what matters most: action. The technology now available can give us unprecedented insights in the blink of an eye, versus years of research while those in need continue to struggle,” notes Co-Founder Dr. Alina Turner.

“Community Success Hub” is Canada’s first decision support platform designed for complex social challenges facing communities.

The tool incorporates modules that run simulations so communities can better understand how social issues are changing to help them get ahead of rising homelessness, suicide, or domestic violence. Community Success Hub users can also compare their region with other communities to gain insights on key demographics, service needs, and possible system changes or new programs needed to respond to local dynamics.

“It’s all about democratizing data and making it useful for day-to-day decision making. Our goal in developing this technology was to disrupt the traditional way of running social needs assessments that is very costly and time-consuming. Instead, we developed a solution that takes in hundreds of social data points to generate trends, comparisons, in-depth analysis, and insights at your fingertips. More than trends, the tool can also generate suggestions and solutions to shorten the time from research to action,” explains Dr. Matt Parker, EVP Innovation at HelpSeeker.

HelpSeeker’s Community Success Hub:

  • Leverages Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to promote faster, more effective decision making.
  • Provides a curated, at-a-glance look at data synthesis, visualization and insights for key topics on equitable wellbeing.
  • Allows community leaders to compare social trends with similar-sized communities and against provincial averages.

We will reveal the Community Success Hub at an Alpha Product launch event on May 26th at 9 a.m. (MDT). Register here: Tickets for Community Success Hub launch event

About HelpSeeker

HelpSeeker Technologies is a Canadian social technology and innovation B-Corp focused on accelerating the digital transformation of the social safety net to maximize its equitable outcomes.

To learn more, please visit our corporate website and our online directory of social services at Follow us (HelpSeekerOrg) on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram. Download our service navigation app through Google Play Store or Apple App Store.


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