GHD and eleven-x Collaborate to provide innovative new wireless stormwater monitoring solution

Real-time LoRaWAN®-based solution improves stormwater management efficiencies while reducing costs.

WATERLOO, Ontario, Nov. 26, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Employee-owned professional services company, GHD, and eleven-x, a global leader providing complete low-power IoT solutions, are pleased to announce a new initiative providing cities with a wireless, real-time stormwater monitoring solution. The solution is designed to deliver new monitoring capabilities that expand current industry standards to monitor water levels and temperature in storm sewer systems in real-time while reducing program costs.

The solution combines cost-effective wireless data collection with conventional water level measuring equipment that many clients already own and operate. The solution allows for cost-effective monitoring of a wide range of sewer and environmental systems (i.e. groundwater wells). Data collected in stormwater systems may be used to evaluate infrastructure performance and capacity, as well as develop data-driven maintenance schedules and capital investment cost forecasting. This new tool can provide municipalities with transparent planning of capital expenditures – a truly advanced smart cities application platform.

The initial deployment program comprises two phases: Phase 1: Development and Phase 2: a 6-month initial deployment. During the development phase, water level and temperature data will be collected in selected areas in Kitchener, Ontario. GHD will work closely with eleven-x, utilizing their battery powered WIU-X data logger interface and LoRaWAN® wireless network connectivity to read and transmit water level and temperature data. During the initial deployment phase, GHD will provide support during the installation of the units; conduct manual downloads and analysis of collected data for quality assurance and control. GHD will also provide technical expertise throughout the study and is pleased to be working with eleven-x with their advanced expertise of wireless low power technologies.

“We are excited to be working closely with our partners eleven-x to deliver this innovative solution to the market,” said Ryan Apps, Digital Experience Practice Director for GHD Digital. “The deployment of Smart Water Monitoring platforms, such as the stormwater solution, will enable our team of engineers, scientists and ecologists to monitor, model, plan and react to the ever changing and diverse needs of today’s communities. The ability to help shape innovative solutions truly helps our GHD team support our mission to create lasting community benefits with our partners and clients.”

“The collaboration with GHD really brings together two companies with very synergistic areas of expertise, so we are thrilled to be working so closely on this with GHD,” said Dan Mathers, President and CEO of eleven-x. “The potential applications of our wireless, real-time data solutions have proven their abilities to maximize ROI for municipalities. This initiative is further proof that cost-effective, easily-scalable technologies can increase efficiencies and improve city services, while reducing overall program costs.”

About GHD
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About eleven-x Inc.
eleven-x simplifies IoT and facilitates faster, evidence-driven decisions through wireless connectivity and real-time data collection for Smart Cities, Campuses, Buildings and Industry. We offer complete device to cloud LoRaWAN™ solutions comprised of accurate and reliable sensor networks delivering secure data to our customers through easy-to-use dashboards and industry standard APIs. Organizations rely on eleven-x’s wireless connectivity expertise to deliver turnkey solutions that improve operations, simplify processes and deliver value in today’s connected world. Visit for more information.

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