Gartner: How secure is

InsightaaS: The Gartner Blog Network collects posts from across Gartner’s research community. In this post, vice president and distinguished analyst Avivah Litan provides insight into the controversial “Obamacare” website, and some of the factors that complicate security for such a massive, high-profile system.

A posting by blogger Ben Simo, a highly-experienced software tester, brings up many important and valid security issues with Ben has done a good job documenting some of the most egregious issues with that are definitive proof of the fact that security will continue to be a major issue for the Obamacare website. See

More fundamentally, it’s important to note that this could very well be a security disaster in the making because of the following facts:

a) The marketplace is run by an estimated 500 million lines of code which is about 10 times the lines of code in Windows XP. The mammoth code is managed by multiple system administrators and different components reside on separate servers…

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