Gartner: Can you sell me now? The impact of disconnected strategies

InsightaaS: The Gartner Blog Network collects posts from across Gartner’s research community. In this post, research director  Hank Barnes discusses the “Nexus of Forces” (similar to what InsightaaS dubs “SoLoMoN”) and the business impact of “disconnects between sales, products, and marketing.”

The Verizon commercials made “Can you hear me now?” a catchphrase.  Their message was all about the quality of connections.   For tech companies, there is a bigger connection problem right now–the connection of their sales, product, and marketing strategies.

We are in a period of rapid innovation.  The Nexus of Forces (cloud, social, information, and mobile) are driving new business models and sweeping changes in the way we think about and consume information technology.   Incumbents are seeing their on premise strongholds threatened and are reacting by introducing new solutions that run in the cloud.

And that is where the disconnect often occurs.

These new solutions introduce a new pricing model that has a big impact on sales compensation.  They also typically shift the benefits story toward more business value and away from common IT considerations (since the “infrastructure” is “outsourced”).   The common result  is early results are disappointing…


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