Fountainhead: Your Next Computer – in the Cloud?

InsightaaS: Fountainhead is a blog by Ken Oestreich, Senior Director of Product Marketing for Desktops & Apps at Citrix. In this post – published by Oestreich on Wired Innovation Insights, and then linked from his personal blog site – he talks about the trend towards hosted client environments.


For years, the “virtual PC” has been the dream of users and corporations alike. After all, why do millions of us lug around a laptop with our Windows desktop stuck to it? Why do we risk theft, loss or damage to valuable data when our entire workspace — and data — could instead live in the cloud and be accessed from anywhere by any of our devices?

Up until recently, this idea has literally been pie-in-the-sky. But now it’s taking hold. In fact the 451 Research Group estimates that by 2015, the market for all “virtual desktops” will be as much as $5.6 billion. And IDC estimates that the portion of these desktops solely sourced from “the cloud” could be over $600 million by 2016, growing at over 84% annually. Now that’s real…

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