exeBlock announces completion of Sidechain DApp facilitating the transfer of value between Blockchains

Vancouver, British Columbia–( September 19, 2018) – eXeBlock Technology Corp. (CSE: XBLK) (‘eXeBlock’ or the ‘Company’) is pleased to announce that it has completed work on its Sidechain DApp which will solve the problem of inter-blockchain transfer of value.

Sidechaining is any mechanism that allows tokens from one blockchain to be used securely within a completely separate blockchain –but moved back to the original chain, if necessary.

eXeBlock’s Sidechain DApp enables transfers from the Bitcoin blockchain to the PeerPlays blockchain without any centralized entity in the form of a unified server. With continued development, the DApp can be easily modified to facilitate transfers on any DPOS blockchain such as EOS, Steem, Bitshares and other blockchains. The Cross Chain Consensus Protocol (CCCP) ensures that the communication between blockchains maintains a decentralized mechanism for superior security and connectivity of blockchains regardless of their consensus. Some of the applications include enabling DApps in one blockchain to utilize a crypto-currency in another, or enabling blockchains to scale their transactional capabilities.

“I’m excited to be part of a Blockchain company that has already built assets that have significant value. With the right partners and strategy, these assets are ready for deployment to ensure our path to revenue generation and profitability,” said Jamie Davison, President and CEO, eXeBlock Technology Corp.

To learn more, we encourage shareholders and interested parties to check out our sidechain white paper: www.exeblock.com/sidechain.

Further Company Updates:

Creating the World’s First Blockchain 50/50 Fundraising Platform

In the last few months, eXeBlock has completed work on 50/50 Labs, the world’s first blockchain 50/50 fundraising platform to be hosted on a public blockchain. The 50/50 DApp, has taken longer than expected to complete but has had a number of improvements made to the graphical interface and the overall user experience. A more detailed strategy to monetize 50/50 Labs is now being prepared and discussions have commenced with several companies in the lottery and charity space worldwide.

The decentralized application enables any eligible organization to set up and execute local, as well as global, fundraising campaigns with just a few clicks. We encourage shareholders and interested parties to visit eXeBlock’s 50/50 Labs demonstration site: https://5050labs.fun/dashboard (Username = testnet; Password = 5050$draw!).  Chrome is the optimum browser to view the demonstration.

Jamie Davison Appointed President and CEO

eXeBlock recently appointed Jamie Davison as the new President and Chief Executive Officer of the Company.  Mr. Davison is a recognized leader in the technology industry and brings extensive operations and corporate experience to the team, highlighted by a strong track record of value creation and depth of knowledge in commercializing innovation technology.  Since joining the company, Davison has been active in the market on several fronts, connecting with partners and exploring go to market opportunities for eXeBlock’s range of products. He is in the process of identifying a path to monetization and defining a business plan that encompasses a clear and viable direction for the company.

About exeBlock

exeBlock Technology Corp (CSE:BLK) is a designer of custom, state-of-the-art blockchain based software applications that provide profitable, secure and efficient solutions to businesses and markets globally.

To receive regular updates on our business, please follow us on Twitter @eXeBlock or sign up to our email list on the front page of our website, www.exeblock.com.


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