Enterprise Irregulars: Forget the Poor, Build it for the 1%

InsightaaS: Anshu Sharma, vice president of product management and strategy at salesforce.com, has posted a challenge to the thinking of entrepreneurs – “Forget the Poor, Build it for the 1%” – in the excellent Enterprise Irregulars blog site, which is a leading source of commentary on enterprise software.


There are some very interesting startups that are taking the technology to the masses and solving problems for the bottom of the pyramid. The mobile phone has allowed innovations like mCommerce to reach banking and healthcare where not earlier possible.

But I believe that often times, the right answer for an entrepreneur is to do the exact opposite and in stead focus on the relatively wealthy. In fact, innovations like iPhone started out by solving a problem at a price point that could only be afforded by the relatively wealthy. Same for Tesla. And August.

Let’s look at why this seems to work so well, and for what kind of innovations…

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