EllisDon chooses Agility to improve operations

Leading Canadian and International construction and building services company EllisDon has selected Agility as its exclusive Performance Management Software and Computerised Maintenance Management System (CMMS) across its network of hospital and healthcare sites.

Over the last 65 years, EllisDon has grown from being a general contractor to a multi-faceted international company that can deliver any aspect of a project. It has selected Agility as the enterprise solution to work across multiple sites in which they are operating to deliver effective asset management and superior performance management, with enhanced capabilities of tracking, recording, maintaining and reporting the various complexities of PPP (Public Private Partnerships) contracts.

Delivering direct operational savings to each organisation and providing vital insights to users at all levels, Agility will allow the company to maximise value and efficiencies through its implementation across nine separate sites in Canada – including the Royal Ottawa Hospital, hospitals located in Kamloops and Penticton British Columbia, as well as both healthcare and judicial operations in Ontario. The first operation went live in December 2018, alongside the completion of a major new patient facility in Western Canada, with the remaining sites to be transitioned primarily in 2019.

Agility is a SaaS solution provided by SSG Insight, the global software company with expertise in PPP contracts. It provides smart workplace solutions to a diverse customer base, including in Australia, UK and Canada. Used by some of the world’s leading asset-intensive organisations, Agility allows businesses to reduce downtime and administration whilst increasing efficiency and making the best use of skills and resources. AgilityBI, a dedicated business intelligence tool, provides users with a deeper understanding of operations to allow faster, smarter decisions to be made that dramatically improve business performance.

In addition to providing asset management support to EllisDon, Agility will deliver real-time visibility of the open work orders and the potential cost implications if any PPP contract requirements are missed via a strong proactive performance dashboard.

James MacPherson, Chief Commercial Officer at SSG Insight, said: “EllisDon is a very welcome addition to our customer base. We are committed to the healthcare sector globally and we’re very proud of our reputation for providing a truly integrated workplace system experience, delivering real insight and value to all that interact with Agility. We look forward to working with EllisDon in the long term to help them achieve their business goals.”

Ashley Richardson, Vice President and Managing Director of Facilities Services at EllisDon, said: “When we explored the market, we discovered that Agility met all of our performance needs and added some key differentiators. With attributes like the mobile functionality, auto-deployment, real time penalty modelling, scalability, and lifecycle management, those together with the simple SaaS pricing structure that provides great value across the enterprise made it our number one choice.”

About SSG Insight:

SSG Insight provides software and services to help organisations manage resources, improve performance and make better business decisions.

The company offers a robust range of reliable, intelligent and scalable CMMS/EAM solutions that help customers gain greater visibility across their operations and drive improvements in areas such as increased productivity, reduced cost and improved reliability.

The expert team has more than 35 years’ experience supporting businesses across multiple sectors such as hospitality, manufacturing, transport and logistics, facilities, healthcare and education. Its maintenance management solutions are underpinned with outstanding customer service and training. From its headquarters in Wakefield, Yorkshire and office in Perth, Western Australia, it sets the standard for utilizing insight to support asset intensive businesses around the globe.

For more information, simply visit www.ssginsight.com.


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