Eigen Announces New Product At Dell EMC World 2016



DELL EMC WORLD, AUSTIN — October 20, 2016 — Eigen innovations Inc., announced the Eigen Quality Workbench this week, a new software product for their Intellexon® platform that optimizes quality control within industrial manufacturing. Designed to help manufacturers achieve true defect avoidance, the Eigen Quality Workbench revolutionizes the way manufacturers improve quality by overlaying the end-to-end production process to capture and analyze data with artificial intelligence to discover breakthroughs in operating efficiency.

“As manufacturing becomes more complex, many companies are struggling to enable a workforce that uses factory floor data to drive efficiency and productivity on a daily basis, which is a constant threat to their ability to remain competitive,” says Scott Everett, the company’s CEO. “The Quality Workbench fills a gap between this data, and the machines, by working with operators to discover new insights for efficiency on a continuous basis.”

The Quality Workbench emerged from a need Eigen saw with their customers and the broader market. Eigen is increasingly focused on providing solutions for automotive manufacturing and food processing, embedding their technology within Tier 1 and Tier 2 manufacturers, OEMs, and suppliers of industrial equipment throughout North America.

Eigen makes this announcement from Austin, Texas, where they are featured at Dell EMC World 2016, the company’s flagship event bringing together technology and business professionals to network, share ideas and help co-create a better future. In April of this year, Dell announced their Internet of Things Solutions Partner Program, including Eigen in the initial group of members.

“Dell believes ISVs are critical in building the bridge between the exciting industry potential of IoT and profitable market reality,” said Jason Shepherd, director, IoT Strategy and Partnerships, Dell. “We value our partnership with Eigen Innovations and look forward to our continued collaboration.”

About Eigen Innovations Inc.

Eigen is a privately held company with offices located in Windsor, Toronto, and Fredericton, Canada.

Find out more at www.eigeninnovations.com.

Media Contact:

Greg Picot greg.picot@eigeninnovations.com

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