Cloud Ave.: Do you really want your IT department to define your application stack?

InsightaaS: Cloud Ave. is a site that examines cloud through both a technology and a business lens. In this post, Maarten Ectors asks whether the IT department is positioned to define an application stack for increasingly-independent business users, and argues in favour of a “FlexiPaaS”.

The term “Platform-as-a-Service” or PaaS is gaining widespread popularity. The PaaS promise is that either a hosted solution or a private cloud solution gives your enterprise all you need. You just write an application and post it to the Cloud. “Cloud Magic” will run and scale it for you. There is no lack of competition in this space: Heroku,, Google App Engine, Amazon’s Beanstalk, RedHat Openshift, WSO2 Stratos, Pivotal CloudFoundry, etc.

CTO’s should take a step backwards and ask this simple question: “Who should be defining my application stack?”. In the last years IT departments have had a hard time making themselves relevant…

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