CIO Dashboard: What is a Digital Disruptor?

InsightaaS: CIO Dashboard is a blog run by PwC principal Chris Curran. In this post, he looks at how IT can enable ‘disruptors,’ using the example of David Green’s approach to medical devices to examine how practitioners of “empathetic capitalism” can “[take] advantage of modern market forces…teaching big businesses some important lessons” by being “agile, unafraid and driven.”

In the short time it takes to develop an app, digital disruptors can force well-established companies to change the way they do business. Even worse, they can put them out of business all together.

Who are these digital disruptors? How do they think? What drives them? How do they pull off the coups they do? Business and technology executives would be wise to dive inside the minds of digital disruptors to anticipate threats to their businesses. It’s prudent for businesses to investigate the likelihood of an impending disruption before they’re pushed into a reactive position and pressured to follow the disruptor’s lead…

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