Chuck Hollis: Are Conditions Right for a "Chief Data Officer"?

InsightaaS: We are often asked why we labeled on of our five key focus areas “cognition” rather than simply “analytics” or “Big Data analytics.” There are several reasons, but one is that analytics/Big Data is only the most recent attempt to label and define the ways in which “management information systems” deliver insight to business management.

In this blog post from Chuck’s Blog, Chuck Holls – newly minted Chief Strategist for VMware’s SAS BU, after 18 years in a similar role at EMC – talks about the role of data in corporate processes and governance, and the need to assign executive responsibility for data use, management and integration.

Are Conditions Right for a “Chief Data Officer”? It’s not exactly a new idea.

If information is the new corporate wealth, who is responsible for maximizing its value, ensuring its proper use, and safeguarding its integrity?

You might be tempted to say “well, isn’t that what the CIO does?” but there’s a strong case to be made that it’s a very distinct role: one with unique skills and accountability.

And since we already have a well-established technology-centric role for the proverbial Chief Information Officer, there’s a need to come up with a new label — hence CDO.

I saw an excerpt from a recent book that tries to make the case for a CDO, so the meme is perhaps coming back en vogue again.

The question remains — are the conditions right this time?

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