Calligo expanding its Microsoft Azure stack services in Toronto

Deployment to provide data residency assurances to Canadian and US businesses concerned about GDPR, CLOUD Act or regulator approval, and creates one of the world’s largest networks of multi-tenant Azure Stacks

Calligo, the data optimization and privacy specialist, today announces it is now offering Microsoft Azure Stack services from its Canadian branch in Toronto. This is Calligo’s fifth Azure Stack deployment, creating one of the world’s largest networks of fully-owned, multi-tenanted Azure Stacks.

Calligo’s Toronto Azure Stack expansion, which was opened ahead of schedule and already has clients on board, helps ensure that data will stay within Canada’s geographical and legal borders. Canadian businesses that will have particular data residency concerns include:

  • Those who need assurances that their data will stay solely within Canada, and not be duplicated or hosted elsewhere abroad. For example, those that come under the remit of GDPR through their processing of the personal information of EU citizens.
  • Businesses who would prefer not to store their sensitive data within US-headquartered public cloud platforms due to potential data access capabilities under the CLOUD Act.
  • Canada’s accountancy, legal, investment and healthcare industries, amongst others, whose respective regulators place great importance in the safeguarding and control of client data. The data isolation, localisation and security capabilities of Azure Stack, and the transparency of the exact environment the data is held in, make it easier to satisfy the regulators’ expectations and provide internal reassurance.

Calligo’s Toronto Azure Stack expansion will also serve US businesses who would prefer not to store their sensitive data within the US due to potential data access capabilities under the Patriot’s Act and similar, but equally do not want to compromise on performance by storing their data too far beyond the US.

Calligo’s longstanding specialism in data privacy, combined with its heritage in delivering public and hybrid Azure services, makes it an ideal partner for businesses who wish to take full advantage of Azure’s market-leading tools, capabilities and scale, but have to date not been able to due to concerns over data residency.


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