Building Community Technology Platforms for Collaborative Ecosystems

InsightaaS: One of our “pet peeves” is the (IT) industry-wide assumption that collaboration is a destination. It’s not: collaboration is a means, not an end. And yet, sales of collaboration systems are an end for many of the suppliers in IT, so we often see collaboration described as a destination rather than a tool.

In “Building Community Technology Platforms for Collaborative Ecosystems,” Jim Gragtmans of the ET Group positions collaboration in the context of project governance, project execution and goal realization. By illustrating how collaboration supports objectives (rather than acting as one), the post positions technology as an essential link in the longer business chain.

In today’s world, many communities understand the benefit of developing new collaboration frameworks for communicating with their stakeholders and the importance of establishing a governance model to coordinate all of these stakeholder efforts.

Your community has:

  1. Partners who are committed to the same vision and have common goals
  2. Created an Engagement model of how you will work together
  3. Selected an Executive Advisory committee to provide Vision oversight and guidance to the community partners

What do you need next?

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