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Securing the cloud to client continuum

The digitization of business process and personal practice is having a profound impact on productivity at work and in daily life. But our growing reliance on cloud-enabled mobile collaboration exacts a price in the form of increased IT security risk. What is the source of this risk? For many, the ‘who’, ‘when’, ‘where’ and the […]

dreamstime_s_18156378 - Collabmobilicloud

Kip Compton, Cisco VP of IoT systems and software, Cisco

New IoT Reference Model creates common tongue 1

As a template for our times, the Tower of Babel story has much to offer. In the Genesis story, when united in language and in purpose, humankind was able to construct a tower that reached into the heavens; but with languages “confounded” by a suspicious deity, people were scattered to the four corners of the earth. […]

IoT in hype hyperdrive

“Our role is to be a market maker of IoT,” Cisco CTO Pasmadree Warrior proclaimed at the second annual Internet of Things World Forum held in Chicago last week. Since embarking on this project eight years ago, Cisco has ignited considerable interest in the connection of sensors, networks and analytics, a confluence of technologies that […]

Chief globalization officer, Wim Elfrink and Cisco CEO John Chambers

Kevin Peesker, president, Dell Canada

Dell helps Art of the Entrepreneur celebrate small business

Rarely riveting, conferences on entrepreneurship are often like a dose of castor oil — good for you, but hard going down. Most are long on advice from the other shore — the ‘have-already-made-its’ — and replete with pious counsel but typically fails to address the real life concerns or capture the energy of this emerging […]

Vitamin Y: Minds Meeting in Detroit

Context: Meeting of the Minds has become the premier leadership conference for sustainable cities. An initiative of Urban Age Institute which works to foster leadership and innovation in the areas of strategic urban planning, urban policy, public sector management, sustainable environmental planning and poverty reduction, the conference meets in different locations each year to highlight […]