IT in Canada: from the start to the ‘next great thing’!

IT in Canada was originally founded in 2007 as a means of connecting original research, conducted by Michael O’Neil, with in-depth editorial from Mary Allen.

The idea took off. Trade publishers came knocking at our door, and through a three-way merger, we eventually formed a second “IT in Canada.” For a time, this one worked too, with a shared commitment to excellence fuelling the production of unique, industry-leading perspectives on IT.

Eventually, different visions of IT in Canada’s mission emerged, and O’Neil and Allen have launched a new venture that expands on our commitment to depth and quality. This new site,, combines research compiled by the principals and by great partners like Leger 360 and 451 Research with deep editorial exploring “the ‘why’ in enterprise technology.”

With this step, the founders believe they have created something unique — an independent presence bridging the analyst and media models that offers value to everyone in the IT community, in Canada and abroad.

Today, we enjoy the support of our research partners, clients from across the IT industry, expert global sources like Bloomberg BNA, and a large and growing group of followers who tune into the site, our cloud-focused LinkedIn group, our Twitter feed, and our YouTube channel.

We hope to connect with you, too! Please visit us at the linked addresses, or drop us a note at if you have any questions you’d like us to answer.

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