Delivering effective customer analytics

Businesses that leverage analytics for internal use understand the value their data can bring. In many cases, organizations are also collecting data on a continual basis that could benefit their customers. More and more, these companies are using the information they store, and applying analytics to provide additional services to their customers. Some are providing […]

Lyndsay Wise, president and founder, WiseAnalytics

A deep dive into predictive analytics 1

Data is the new gold, but how do we mine it for actionable insight into business potential? Increasingly, organizations are turning to analytics, and to a specific subset of that — predictive analytics — in order to capture and create previously-unimagined sources of value. Analysis of business information is not new. Rooted in decision support […]

Nate Silver on data do’s and dont’s

In his welcome to attendees at the Toronto installment of SAP’s Conversations on the Future of Business event, SAP Canada’s new COO Terry Madore focused on the ”new SAP story.” According to Madore, the company is no longer about going to customers with new products, but rather about executing on new ideas that come through […]

Nate Silver


The location-based future

InsightaaS: Inherent in the appeal of mobility (and to a substantial degree, of cloud-based Big Data analytics as well) is the concept of location-based services: the idea that it is possible to tie physical location together with the vast resources of cyberspace to create entirely new services — and new sources of revenue. To explore […]

Watson shifts into “embed” gear

Innovation for its own sake is the stuff of entrepreneurial legend, but rarely a strategy for sustainable development. While a certain degree of licence may be needed to fuel the creative process, ultimately, new paths that are forged must be wrapped in practical application, a lesson that has been absorbed by innovators from Icarus to […]

Manoj Saxena - IBM