The Importance of Being Well-Connected: A Whitepaper on Collaboration Solution Metrics

Team SolutionThe new whitepaper “The Importance of Being Well-Connected” is designed to help IT and business management to identify the success metrics that are best aligned with their company context and objectives.

The whitepaper is based on rich data gleaned from a Techaisle survey of 635 Canadian IT and business professionals. It examines the success metrics used to evaluate collaboration solutions in different situations: by smaller vs. larger firms, by IT and business management, by high-growth vs. low/moderate growth companies, and by firms pursuing one of five key business objectives: attracting and retaining new customers, increasing business growth, reducing operational costs, keeping pace with the competition, and improving workforce productivity. Our hope is that by identifying the metrics that best align with specific business contexts, we can help organizations to orient their collaboration strategies.

“The Importance of Being Well-Connected” is available at no cost (registration required). To access the whitepaper, please follow this link: